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Parent Resources & Forms


Parent Resource Center 

The Hopewell Parent Resource Center, housed at Woodlawn Learning Center, promotes a cooperative partnership between parents, educators, and the community by offering a variety of workshops, newsletters, library materials, and personal experience designed to inform, support, and assist those in need.


The staff includes a parent of  a child with a disability and a special education teacher.  We encourage you to telephone or visit the Parent Resource Center with your questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding special education or school related services.


…..Help parents understand the Special Education process and encourage parents to play an active role in their child’s education.

…Promote a cooperative partnership between home, schools, and the community 

…Offer an extensive lending library about local support groups, websites, and community resources

…Conduct regular workshops with speakers on parenting skills and special education issues

…Publish a newsletter and informational brochure about Parent Resource Center activities designed to assist parents.